VIP Klijenti

U zavisnosti od visine Vašeg depozita, dobijate jedan od tri VIP-statusa.

• VIP (Od 50.000 u valuti racuna)
• VIP GOLD (Od 100.000 u valuti racuna)
• VIP PLATINUM (Od 500.000 u valuti racuna)

U slučaju da posedujete više računa, uzima se u obzir ukupna suma na svim računima.

*Pri proceni podobnosti za VIP status, posmatra se valuta deponovanja, bez ikakvih konverzija.

Lični menadžer

U radno vreme

5 dana u nedelji

Od 9.00 do 21.00h

24h dnevno

7 dana u nedelji (ne računajući državne praznike i dane u kojima banke ne rade)

24h dnevno

7 dana u nedelji (ne računajući državne praznike i dane u kojima banke ne rade)

For VIP Status – working hours (5 days a week, from 9.00 to 21.00). For VIP GOLD and VIP PLATINUM – at any time of the day, 7 days a week (excluding specially declared public holidays and bank holidays)


Personal account manager is your personal assistant and consultant, a seasoned trader with years of experience, who is aware of financial markets nuances and subtleties.

This is a high-class specialist who is able not only to promptly solve any technical issues you may have as well as arrange for your swift deposits/withdrawals, consult you about a wide range of TeleTrade products and services but also to guide you through the current market situation.

Your personal account manager may provide comments on current price movements occurring in the market, help you to interpret the latest news and give background information, provide the maximum of useful and accurate information for you to lay out an advanced trading plan and make an optimal well-timed trading decision.

For example, by your request, your personal account manager can contact you by phone or via Skype to inform you about a certain price level and suitable period that is of great interest to you in order to carry out a trade.

Also, with your wishes and needs in mind, your personal account manager can discuss with you the practicability of choosing a personal VIP trader with a successful experience, for at least five years, of managing an amount of funds similar to your deposit's size, which can be trusted to fully or partially manage your account based on special terms and conditions.

Another possibility is to take advantage of SyncTrading service by building an investment portfolio out of several traders' (Masters') strategies; to analyze trading by Masters positioned in the Rankings, compare their methods and the results of their work; after that your personal account manager will also assist you in constructing an optimal managers' portfolio.

Our technical support team is also available and would be glad to assist each and every client 24 hours 5 days per week regardless of their status. However the personal account manager can solve a much wider spectrum of queries.

Dodatni bonus na depozit

VIP – 24% godišnje ili 2,00% mesečno

VIP Gold – 26% godišnje ili 2,16% mesečno

VIP Platinum – 28% godišnje ili 2,33% mesečno

  • TeleTrade clients who have a trading account holding the VIP status will be paid monthly accumulative bonus interest credited on the equity in their accounts.
  • Accumulative bonus is credited to a VIP client trading account from the 1st of the month to the 5th of the month following after the accounting monthly period.
  • The basis amount for calculating the monthly bonus payment is the total amount of client's equity in the account as per the end of the monthly period, less funds deposited in the account within this monthly period.
  • The savings deposit bonus amounts are paid if the following requirements are met:
  • A client trading account must hold the VIP status throughout the entire monthly period and on the day when the savings deposit bonus is credited.
  • No withdrawal from the trading account may take place during the monthly period.
  • The client account must provide active trading. The size of trading transactions during the monthly period must be at least 2 lots per 1,000 USD (equity) in the client trading account:
    • The size of trading transactions includes only closed positions involving Forex and CFD on metals instruments.
    • The open position holding time must be at least 120 seconds.
    • The difference between the position's open and close price must be at least 0.05% of the open price (equivalent to approx. 0.0005 pips on EUR/USD).
  • Example of Savings Deposit Bonus Calculation:
  • Let's say, the client's equity, taking into account open positions, is 50,000 USD at the beginning of the monthly period. There are also other bonus amounts totalled 25,000 USD in the account.
  • Based on the total amount of funds in the trading account (75,000 USD), in order to receive a savings deposit bonus, the size of trading transactions must be at least 150 lots (2 lots per 1,000 USD) within the monthly period.
  • Apart from that, the amount of 30,000 USD was deposited in the account by the client in the same monthly period, and within the month the client made a profit of 10,000 USD.
  • The basis amount – the client's equity less client's new deposit – for calculating the savings deposit bonus amount is 60.000 USD.
  • If this client holding the VIP trading account meets the active trading requirements within the monthly period, then at the beginning of the month following after the accounting month a savings deposit bonus amount of 1,200 USD will be credited to the client's account.
Umanjenje spreda (u korist klijenta) za sve obavljene trgovinske operacije

Umanjenje spreda (u korist klijenta) za sve obavljene trgovinske operacije

povraćaj 10% povraćaj 13%
popvraćaj 15%

Cash-back to trading account

TeleTrade partly pays back to its clients the expenditures for closed operations during the billing month. The amount of cash-back will depend on client’s VIP-status and will be calculated on the basis of the spread amount upon a position closing and the commission, which a client pays for the operation performance. Cash-back amount cannot exceed $10 per lot. The pay-back will be transferred to the client’s account at the beginning of each month prior to the 5th date of the month, following the billing month.

Repayment conditions:

  • The client’s account should have VIP-status on the beginning and the end of the billing month, and on the date of pay-back transfer.
  • There were no credit funds on the trading account, given by the Company to the client in the form of the deposit bonus, within the settlement month.
  • The client should not retrieve his/her money from the account during the billing month.
  • Only FOREX and CFD on metals closed operations will be taken into account. The operations should comply with the following terms:
    • the operation should be at least 2 minutes long (120 seconds);
    • the difference between opening and closing prices should have at least 0,05% of opening price (proportional to ~ 0,0005 points for EUR/USD pair).

Example of pay-back calculation for a closed position:

Suppose, during the billing month a client closed EURUSD position of 10 lots.

Closing spread came up to 0,6 points or $60 for 10 lots on EURUSD pair.

Opening commission was $80.

For this trading transaction, the client will get a 13% cash-back of $140, i.e. $18.2, at the beginning of the next month.

Kompenzacija svopa

Kompanija nadoknađuje troškove na ime akumuliranog negativnog svopa za sve trgovinske operacije koje su zatvorene tokom prethodnog meseca.

Reimbursement of Negative Rollover

TeleTrade reimburses its VIP clients 20% for accumulated negative rollover for the transactions closed within the previous monthly period. The reimbursement amount is credited to the client's trading account at the beginning of every month but not later than on the 5th of the month following after the accounting month.

Reimbursement Payment Conditions:

  • The calculation includes only closed positions involving FOREX and CFD on metals instruments.
  • At the beginning and at the end of the monthly period as well as on the date of reimbursement payment, the client must hold the VIP status.
«Zelena linija» — specijalna odvojena servisna VIP-linija za izvršenje operacija

Specijalna telefonska linija (poseban telefonski broj za VIP-klijente)

Dopuna računa bez provizije

Kompanija kompenzuje sve troškove na ime provizije banke ili platnog sistema koji je korišćen za prenos novčanih sredstava na Vaš trgovinski račun. Za ovu uslugu se obratite svom Ličnom menadžeru

Потребность оперативно пополнить торговый счет может возникнуть у клиента, например, с целью заключения какой-либо сделки более крупным объемом или для поддержания уже существующей рыночной позиции. Решение об авансовом пополнении счета принимается финансовым департаментом TeleTrade индивидуально в каждом случае.

Кроме того, один из квалифицированных специалистов компании будет всегда готов пообщаться с вами по всем возникшим у вас вопросам в отдельном уютном кабинете в любом из офисов компании, которые расположены в более чем 200 городах и 30 странах мира. Также в случае необходимости вам будет предоставлен компьютер с подключенным высокоскоростным интернетом или Wi-Fi.

Мы всегда рады видеть вас и готовы оказать поддержку на самом высоком уровне, превращая работу в удовольствие!

Besplatan pristup master-časovima i svim vidovima obuke koje organizuje kompanija i partnerske kompanije

Uključujući i više nivoe obuke i specijalne seminare. Za ovu uslugu se obratite svom Ličnom menadžeru!

PAŽNJA: Obratite pažnju na činjenicu da se obračun realizovanog obima trgovine (broja lotova) vrši na različit način u zavisnosti od izabrane platforme za trgovanje – MT4 ili MT5. Bonus će biti obračunat samo na celu transakciju. Na primer, vi ste otvorili poziciju buy sa obimom od 2 lota po valutnom paru EUR/USD. Vaš naredni potez jeste prodaja istog valutnog para, ali sa obimom od jednog lota. To praktično znači da ste delimično zatvotili poziciju i prilikom obračuna bonusa biće biće uračunat samo 1 lot.


Politika poverenja

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